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Who We Are

We specialize in assisting clients with cost-effective, high quality services and solutions in retail management, risk management, asset management, logistics, finance, administration and other business-related fields, we also cater for Printing & Branding services.

We come from different professional backgrounds and bring with us skills in finance and economics, project management, training, administration and a large dose of life experience, pronting and branding being one of the major services


At Prosperity Agencies Ltd, we have a range of services, which are:

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management service provides you with a systematic process for maintaining, upgrading, and managing your physical assets. This service enables you to conduct comprehensive asset management.
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Pallet and Packaging

At Prosperity Agencies Limited, we recognize the fact that packaging plays a key role in the overall marketing process. We therefore take time to clearly understand your brand.
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Printing & Branding

We are your brand collateral partners producing business cards, brochures, posters to large format printing. We provide Professional Graphic Designing & Web Designing, business logos, IDs, labels, business docs, illustrations/2D cartoons.
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Fixed Asset Management

Web Services

If you have a small, fixed budget and are looking for cheap web hosting, we offer these discount hosting packages, or the first prices not exceeding K70 per month (domain name included). We host and design websites for your business.
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Other Services

We are a multiservice Company

quarry, canyon, mining-6655939.jpg

Mana Mining Resources

To provide effective and efficient services for the development of our natural resources in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner! -

poor, slums,

Prosperity Charity

Because there are people out there who need a smile, it is only possible when someone feels the desire to put a smile on someone’s lips

Fixed Asset Management

Business Consultancy

We do Business Consultancy and Psychology Counselling in all areas. Get in touch with us, you'll not go wrong.

Our Clients' List

Prosperity Agencies does not work alone, but there are large companies both state and private that trust us.
This is what makes us proud and our strength. Below is the list of companies that collaborate with us. This is due to our profitability and the quality of our products and services which we provide to our various customers.